Finally...the "bite-sized" beginner's course to start your own business. No more confusing "frameworks" or "procedures." Just find one profitable idea to dip your toes into your first business.

Sail past the confusing tips and critical blunders that sink most business ideas... before they ever start. A simple system to help you find an idea -- and clients -- who will pay.

Even if you have NO ideas
Even if you have TOO MANY ideas
Even if you've never started a business before

"$100 paid client after a week of finishing the material"

"I was able to get my first $100 paid client after a week of finishing the material. Through that client, I was able to meet more people who are interested in the service that I provide, and I am currently in the process of booking my services with them."

Dennis Aquino

"$2,000/month on the side"

"[This course] gave me an idea to start a business idea! By now, I have earned almost USD 2,000 per month on the side :)"

Adhy H.

"Now I'm making an extra $500/month"

"I knew that I could give guitar lessons, but for some reason I never went through with it. Moreover, I realized I could charge a lot more and consequently make more money for less work. Now I'm making an extra $500/mo."


Hi there --

We've all talked about wanting to start a business. "One of these days," we say, "I'm going to do it. I just need to figure it out."

And months pass...then years. How many of us know someone who's been talking about starting something for 10 years? They'll say, "I had that idea years ago!" And yet, they're still dreaming.

It's not just that we WANT to start a business.

It's that we don't know where to START.

Hi, I'm Ramit Sethi author of the New York Times bestseller "I Will Teach You To Be Rich."

What's the right idea? What if we have too many ideas? How do we know we won't be wasting our time chasing an idea that will never actually work?

There are other things that hold us back -- no time, no money to start -- but if we're honest, the FIRST and HARDEST part of starting a business is finding a profitable idea.

Not just any idea, but one that will pay... and not waste your time on scammy SEO tactics or Facebook/Twitter pages that waste months of your time.

Maybe you have too many ideas (a "jack of all trades") -- or you're not sure if you could even find anything that would help you earn money. Maybe you're like one of the many people who send me these questions every week:

If so, I have something I think you'll like...

I created an introductory mini-course called Find Your First Profitable Idea. It's a step-by-step guide to coming up with an idea that's PROVEN to help you find ONE idea -- just one -- to start your own business.

This is specifically focused on helping you find your first profitable idea -- an idea that will instantly start generating income.

What does this mean for you?

No more getting stuck on too many ideas that you're unsure about. No more wishing for a magical idea to fall from the sky (instead, I'll show you how to take your existing skills and turn them into income).

"I Can't Think of Anything I Could Do to Earn More"

Think about a friend, or uncle, or parent...the one who's waiting for "an idea" to get started. They've been waiting for 5 years...or 10 years...or longer.

Compare this to someone else who gets excited about idea after idea and jumps into them...only to get bored 6 months later and move on to the next idea. They say things like, "It can't hurt to try, right?" and they wait for an idea to "stick"...but it gets frustrating to jump from idea to idea.

There is a better way -- a way to test your idea BEFORE you waste 6 months of your life on something that won't work.

You don't need a PhD or an expensive certification to earn money. Most of my students are earning money without the help of advanced degrees.

The important part is FINDING an idea and TESTING it.

I'm not interested in jumping from idea to idea. I'm going to show you how to find ideas that are worth infinitely more than that.

"I thought I didn't have any great ideas"

"Before I thought I didn't have any great ideas to make money on my own. Now I realized that it's not about having a life changing idea, but looking into solving problems with the skills that I have or skills that I can/want to learn."

DJ Chung

"I never thought I had any skills that people wanted"

"Before I never thought I had any skills that people wanted, now I have an idea that's profitable and have my first 2 clients."

Parag R.

That's right. You'll have a profitable idea that's right for you. How can you be sure?

Because you'll have made at least $100 from it.

And once you earn $100, you'll know how to earn $1,000 -- and then $2,000, and then thousands per month. I call it "The Tuner Strategy" -- and it begins with earning your first $100.

Think about it: If your goal is to start a business -- even a micro-business! -- the first $100 is critically important. It shows you that your idea is valuable enough for someone to pay for it.

That means we DO focus on:

Find Your First Profitable Idea is my proven, systematic roadmap to help you come up with a business idea you KNOW will earn money -- because you'll have gotten your first client and earned at least $100 with it.

"Dip Your Toes" into Earning More

Find Your First Profitable Idea doesn't distract you with advanced business tactics like referral strategies, sales techniques, and detailed pricing. When you're first starting out, complicated material like that actually PREVENTS you from taking the simple first steps you need to take to start your business.

Find Your First Profitable Idea is different. This is specifically focused on helping you find a single idea that will be profitable.

That's it!

If it works, great -- you can "scale" up your earnings whenever you want.

If not, you've only invested a modest amount of time.

This is a rapid "get started today" way to start earning money on the side without committing thousands of dollars for an end-to-end course or investing years of your life into an idea you're not even sure will work.


The truth is, most people can earn thousands/month right now...if only they knew how to find an idea and test it to ensure people will pay for it.

Hoping for an epiphany...

"Before I was hoping for some great idea to pop in my mind and a wonderful epiphany to show up. After reading the material I realized I had to get down to business, narrow my focus and rule out anything that looked good on paper but terrible in practical reality"

Diego Polo

"It's quite a shift"

"Ramit thanks for showing me how to get out of my head and into someone else's, it's quite a shift that I thought I had done before, but I hadn't."

Andrew McNaughton

What You'll Get:

When you download your guide you'll get:

This Is Not Just Another E-Book...

You know my philosophy -- "If you're going to make something, make it the best in the world" -- and that's has never been more true than for this Profitable Idea Program.

You'll get over 90 minutes of HD video -- plus over 100 minutes of audio from my private Idea Teardown Sessions with real people finding their own profitable ideas.

About Me

  • Author of the instant New York Times-bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  • 450,000 monthly readers
  • Featured in ABC News, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal
  • Stanford graduate

If you're reading this you probably already know I help people start side businesses to earn more money. But just in case, here's a little bit about me:

I've been writing my blog, "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," since 2004. It now hosts over 450,000 readers/month.

I've written hundreds of free articles for millions of readers and helped people save, invest, and automate their money

My book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, was an instant New York Times best-seller and became the #1 overall book on Amazon the day it was released (knocking Twilight off the top spot).

My material on earning more has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and ABC News. I'm regularly featured in the New York Times.

Over 10,000 people who have joined my premium programs. And I'd like to invite you to join, too.

Above all, I get you results.

My students learn how to start a real business. Here are just a few of the results they've achieved:

My age didnt' matter...

"I didn't think that I could generate any leads or clients since I am so young, but even with my not-great original idea I still booked two meetings with potential clients where I found that my age wasn't an issue. Knowing that my age didn't matter as much as I thought it did was a huge eye-opener."

Justin Mares

Pre-Written Email Secures High Hourly Rate

"The fourth person I emailed on my list of leads just accepted my rate at $100 an hour for their event. Booyah! I pretty much just copied your "qualify leads" email? WORKED LIKE A CHARM"


"$1000 in income within 1 week"

"I ended up with 2 profitable ideas that resulted in $1000 in income within 1 week of implementation."

John M.

"I got my first paying client for $50/hour"

"I got my first paying client for $50/hour, and he is going to introduce me to others who need the same service."

Elie B

"$300-400/week job that works out to $50/hour."

"That idea turned into simple Photoshop editing work that turned into a $300-400/week job that works out to $50/hour."


Already made over $2,000

"After going through the "How to Earn1K Materials" and completing the "Find your First Profitable Idea" I realized my passion for marketing could really help small business. I approached friends and family and now have clients on retainer for marketing consulting and have already made over $2,000. The work is fun, and I have you to thank!"

Doug Foley

"Wait, Ramit. How is This Different From Your Earn1K Program?"

I'm glad you asked. When I created Earn1K, I created the very best product on the market for people looking to earn their first $1,000 on the side. However, after hearing from tens of thousands of people about earning more, I realized that not everybody needed the full Earn1K package.

Some people just want to find ONE profitable idea.

So the Find Your First Profitable Idea program is solely focused on that. We didn't just strip down the "Find An Idea" parts of Earn1K either. We created all-new content, hours of video with new examples and techniques, new case studies, and restructured/expanded the entire curriculum to help you rapidly find a profitable idea.

Earn1K is more comprehensive and includes start-to-finish materials on launching and growing your freelance business, including more complex strategies for referrals, service offerings, lead qualification, client engagement, and more. But it's also more expensive and overkill for some people.

Find Your First Profitable Idea walks you through, step-by-step, to find that first profitable idea. From there, you can scale up, raise your rates, and earn more.

So, you might then be wondering, who is this program for? I don't want everyone -- only the right people.

This is for you if...

If you fit the bill, then you can skip this next part. On the contrary, if you're not sure, check out this list to make sure this program is right for you.

This isn't for you if...

If you ARE interested in earning more, then keep reading, because now it's time to see what you get when you order your program today...

In The Find Your First Profitable Idea Program You Get...

  • Instant access to the 67-page Finding Your First Profitable Idea e-book
  • Over 90 minutes of HD video, including scripts, when to work for free, instruction on how to systematize your ideas, and more
  • Audio downloads to listen to on your iPod or while you drive
  • Print, digital, audio, and video formats so you're covered no matter what your learning style
  • 13 audio case studies ("Idea Teardowns") of real people working with me to turn their ideas into income
  • "Copy-paste" scripts you can use in email and conversation
  • Simple, clear, tactical action steps
  • Bonus PDF: 100 profitable ideas (from real IWT students)

Think About What A Difference This Could Make

Imagine you use this program to identify a profitable idea. You know it works because you get your first enthusiastic, paying client who is delighted to pay for your services. You now have new money in the bank.

What would that mean?

Would you be more confident of your abilities?

Would you be more motivated to earn more and use it to pay off debt, increase your savings, or take an extravagant vacation?

Would you be able to take that first client and "tune" your work into higher-value work that you love...including charging more?

Would you be able to focus on doing the things you love instead of making decisions based on money?

Yes, you would.

For a small investment, you can take your existing skills, find a profitable idea, and "package" your skills to earn you money over and over....for the rest of your life.

And you can earn back the cost of this program -- guaranteed.

PLUS I've got a few surprises for you today...

Learn From Appsumo founder (formerly of Mint and Facebook)

Bonus #1
Video Masterclass with Noah Kagan (Value: $250)

Noah is one of Silicon Valley's most recognized entrepreneurs. He founded Appsumo, an online software company. Previously, he served as the Director of Marketing for and worked as a product manager for Facebook.

Noah's Master Class was part of a $1,497 program, where he talked about how to pick a niche and turn clients into ecstatic referrals. Our members loved his presentation so much that I'm giving it to you for free.

With His Class You'll learn:

  • How to get business ideas from anywhere, even if you don't have any skills.
  • To niche or not to niche? How to know if your niche is TOO small.
  • How Noah tested his ideas for (which later sold to Intuit) for free.
  • How to do genuine and effective networking
  • The specific email trick for getting hard-to-reach people to respond every time.
  • Noah's answers to dozens of Earn1K members' questions.

I Want To Give You ONE MORE Bonus...

Bonus #2
The $100,000 "Best Survey" Clinic (Value: $197)

I did a live clinic with Jenn, one of my students who asked for feedback on some customer-research surveys she created.

In this audio clinic, you'll listen to me as I rip apart Jenn's old surveys and take them from average to amazingly effective.

You'll learn:

  • The specific techniques I used to create a survey that generated over $100,000 for me...and how you can use these same techniques when starting out
  • Why your surveys can allow you to double or triple your rates if done properly
  • I've included the actual survey I used to get inside my own students' heads and create Earn1K

And you can experience this program with absolutely zero risk.

Try All of This Risk-Free For 60 Days


Yes -- I totally guarantee your satisfaction with Find Your First Profitable Idea. In fact, I back it with a 100%, iron-clad, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If you're unsatisfied -- for ANY reason -- email me within 60 days and show me you did the work. I'll refund 100% of your money. No catch. No questions asked.

That's a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. Where else can you test-drive a program guaranteed to help you find a profitable idea, and earn the cost of the entire program back?

I'm so sure you'll love Find Your First Profitable Idea that if you get a refund, I invite you to keep the entire thing (including the bonus videos). That's how confident I am about this program.

If you have ANY doubts about this program, just send one email and you'll get 100% of your money back. I've taken all the risk so you can see how well this works.

"I don't have to reinvent the wheel"

"I realized I don't have to reinvent the wheel or come up with a super unique/genius idea for people to want to pay."


"Narrowed it down to 3 ideas that can be profitable"

"Before I was unsure which of my skills people would actually want to pay me for, but now I have narrowed it down to 3 ideas that can be profitable."

David Huss

"You Don't Have To Be An Expert"

"You do not have to be an expert to offer a service. You do need to know your customer so well that you will be able to exceed the client's expectations for what you promise."

Keith Sherwood

The Finding Your First Profitable Idea Package

This course is meant to get you on your feet. If you're looking for the perfect introduction to earning more and finding that first profitable idea, this is the package for you.

That's A Total of 5 Profitable Idea Tools
Valued At: $864
But when you sign up today,
it's yours for...
4 Payments of $59

Think about it... You're getting each profitable idea tool -- all 6, including the e-book, the videos, the audio case studies, the bonuses, and more -- for just $15 each.

And I guarantee this 100%. In 60 days, you can be stuck in the same place you are right now...dreaming about earning money...wondering how others can do it...and thinking about the day where you'll find "that one idea."

Or you can download this program, be given the "keys to the kingdom" -- all the advice, strategic experience, consulting, and tactical tips you need -- to start finding your first profitable idea and start earning money today.

Get the Find Your First Profitable Idea Package with my 60-day 100% Money-back risk-free guarantee now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much time will this take me?

Besides actually consuming the content (which can be watched, listened to or read any time), the work itself will take about 10-15 hours. This is not some "push one button and make instant riches!" product. If you want that, please go away. It's 15 hours of total work to find at least ONE proven business idea that will make you at least $100 -- and likely much more than that.

2. What if I already have a business idea?

That's great, and you've got a head start on many people who don't have any ideas yet at all.
We'll show you how to come up with even more ideas and pick which idea is best for you. We'll show you how to improve your idea and your positioning. Most importantly, we'll show you how to TEST your idea in the real world, how to get your first sale, and how to "scale" your idea from there.

3. Is the content downloadable?

Yes. All the videos, audio and written content in the course will be available on the web and can be downloaded to your computer. You'll also get free lifetime access to any new content updates.

4. Is this only for services (not products)?

In general, yes. We believe that consulting/freelancing is the easiest and least time-intensive way to start earning money on the side. As a result, most of the ideas and case studies will be about consulting/freelancing. All our concepts also apply to other business types, whether you're trying to start a website, create a product, or open a brick and mortar store.

5. What if I want to buy the full Earn1K course later?

We'll take care of that. All buyers of the Finding Your First Profitable Idea program will get a 100% credit of Find Your First Profitable Idea towards the full Earn1K course. In other words, if you want to buy Earn1K later, you'll be getting this program for free.

6. How does the 60-day money back guarantee work?

Email me any time within 60 days of your purchase and show me you did the work. You'll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You can keep the course just for trying it out. You have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Even More Praise from Former Students...

"I was overwhelmed by the number of ideas I already had"

"Before the material I was overwhelmed by the number of ideas I already had floating around in my head, now I know how to cull them, and that I can test the finalists, without having to commit myself to one idea for 6 months or more before knowing if it's worth it."


"$315 for teaching a 3 hour course"

"I was paid $315 for teaching a 3 hour course on using their iPad for business, scheduled 4 more classes and a private consultation."